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Welcome to the 2016
Ohio USSSA Fast-Pitch Season

If you are new to Girls Fast-Pitch Softball, the USSSA,
or are just not quite sure what you need to do, Please click the drop down in the menu above under Home or click on the link for "Getting Started with USSSA". The start page will help you register your team with USSSA. Once you have registered your team you can purchase team insurance and enter events online.


The players age on December 31st during the CURRENT REGISTRATION SEASON will be the age group the player is eligible for during the entire registration year. USSSA Registration and Tournament Season is August 1st - July 31st. ALL Players must meet the age requirements to be put on a current years roster. If a player turns 15 years old on December 31st of 2015, they CANNOT be put on a 14u roster for the 2016 sanction year that begins August 1st of 2015. A player may play up one age group but not down in an age group.

PLAYERS AGE on DECEMBER 31st of 2015 -
Also note that USSSA offers "Odd Year" Age Groups - These are 9u, 11u, 13u & 15u. Teams can sanction as an "odd year" team and be eligible for 2 separate National Championship events. Teams that also have one player that puts them over the odd year classification may still be eligible to participate in the USSSA Odd Year National Championships. Contact Mike Craig-TD for more details.


Click here for Ohio USSSA Tournament rules: 2016 OH-USSSA Rules

USSSA Fast-Pitch Age Group Eligibilty Chart
Age Division
8u 10u 12u 14u 16u 18u
Year of Birth 2008
7 years old
9 years old (9u-eligible)
11 years old(11u-eligible)
13 years old (13u-eligible)
15 years old (15u-eligible)
17 years old
Year of Birth 2007
8 years old
10 years old
12 years old
14 years old
16 years old
18 years old

2016 Ohio USSSA Tournament Schedule.

The 2016 Ohio USSSA tournament schedule is online at the USSSA National Website. Click here to be redirected to the Ohio USSSA Tournament Listings: 2016 Ohio USSSA Tournament Schedule.

Events must be entered on the National Website. Go to "Find a Tournament/League". Click in the circle next to it and then click submit. Set your search criteria by clicking the options that you would like to search for. 

OPTION - You may also choose to pay for your entry fee by charge thru USSSA's web site. When teams pay online, they receive refunds quickly sometimes in less than 48 hrs after an event if that scenario would happen to occur. Teams still have the option to mail payment. After you have selected the events that you wish to enter, your will receive a confirmation e-mail for each event that you have entered. Print the e-mail off and mail it with your payment to the tournament directors address on the email. You can send multiple entries with one check. Please mail each confirmation with the payment.

To enter events online, you will need your USSSA registration number. Click here if you need help registering your team with USSSA: Getting started with USSSA.

2016 USSSA National Championship Tournament Schedule.

USSSA National Championships Information

The 2016 USSSA National Championship Tournament Schedule has been posted. Check back often as information is being updated weekly. To enter National Championship events, teams will need to log into their team profile and search for the events there. USSSA does require teams entering National Championship events to register and pay online thru the USSSA website. Teams must meet all qualification requirements to participate. If you have any questions, please contact state director Mike Craig - Ohio USSSA by clicking on his name. Click on the banner above to go to the USSSA National Championships Schedule.

Coming Soon:

Programs that Ohio USSSA offers:

1. National Invitational Tournament (NIT) Program.

2. At-Large National Championship Berth program

3. State Championship Program.

4. Odd Year Age Groups Program.

5. Double Point Weekends and National Points program.

6. Fall Program including Fall States & Fall National Championships.

7. Class C Program.

8. League Program.

9. Rec/All-Star Program.

USSSA Insurance:

You may purchase insurance for your team, league, or facility through USSSA.

These are Important Policy Features:

Only USSSA registered teams may purchase this insurance.

USSSA insurance covers you for all tournaments (PONY, ASA, PGF, etc.)

USSSA team insurance covers the play and practice of any amateur activity in the sport insured.

Coverage begins at the time the online transaction is completed. The online transaction is complete when you receive a credit card confirmation number for your online transaction.

General Liability coverage is provided for players, coaches, managers, sponsors, and volunteers of the team. $3,000,000 General Liability per Occurrence WITH NO AGGREGATE!

Accident Medical Coverage is secondary to any other collectible insurance; primary if no other insurance is in force. $100,000 Accident Medical Expense.

The entire premium is earned upon policy issuance. There are no cancellation refunds.

Age of oldest child on date of purchase determines team age bracket.

You can purchase insurance for the full year for half a year. Coverage begins as early as August 1.

You are not required to have USSSA insurance to play in a USSSA tournament.

For details of the team policy, coverages and prices, visit the USSSA Insurance Program website.

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